Rules Are Made To Be Broken

The sign at the entrance to the Burlington Community Building clearly states, "No Dogs Allowed - Food Being Served/Prepared".  Well, this Burlington Fall Festival that rule was made to be broken.  Chloe and Randy made it perfectly clear that they were coming in to try on some TootsUncommon Apparel!  And boy, are we glad they did!  Ra

Chloe Sportin' the Little Pug Walkin' Hood!  Too Cute!

Randy Loves His Flashy Red Wrapamacallit!

We took the "No Dogs Allowed" rule to a higher authority; asking the Prez if it was really necessary.  His response, "No way!  Not since we enclosed the kitchen!  I see absolutely no reason why dogs can't come in here!"  Score one for the canine!!

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