Good Things Come...

...To Those Who Wait!  It was a busy day at the House of TootsUncommon.  It's 8:00 and dinner is just" going in the oven.  Luckily the girls got some of the extras....black bean gravy, taco meat, and dog kibble!  Eat them up, YUM! And the humans' dinner tonight will hopefully be tasty!  A new recipe...with a Bisquick, egg, milk base in a muffin tin...topped with Mexican goodies - jalapenos, black beans, taco meat, Mexican beans.  Refried black beans, queso, cilantro and avacado on the side...Yeah...eat them up, YUM!  So, enjoy the TootsUncommon pets as they demonstrate their best at, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!"

"Good Things REALLY Do Come To Those Who Wait, Pug's Honor!"

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  1. That dinner was very tasty. It made my belly very happy:)