Where has the summer gone?

With Labor Day Weekend approaching TootsUncommon thought it would be a good time to reflect on the summer.  It always goes so fast!  And in my first profession, education, summer is real time off work.  Tootsie Roll and I start the summer with good intentions, but as do most, we sometimes got lost in the lazy days of summer!  

Tootsie Roll and I started out this summer with a week in my hometown of Bremen, IN. house-sitting for my parents.  That week was a nice get-a-way and provided us with some good opportunities to use our new camera!

Upon our return home we had a visit from our niece and then I had to go to Hotlanta for some school related business...Still no time for TootsUncommon...

When I finally settled into the typical summer routine Tootsie Roll and I decided that this would be the season to promote TootsUncommon in a different way.  Last summer/fall we did a lot of events, and it was fun.  We got our logo out there.  Our approach this summer was to visit local businesses, give them a sample of our product to think about selling, and then make a return visit to make the deal...Well, deals have not been made yet...but we are still hopeful...we will stretch this plan out into the fall season!

We did bring a new designer on board with the "Woofler".  And that did all come about based on some connections we made while house-sitting in Bremen.  Yeah!!  

Tootsie Roll and I took some time to visit Canine Cloud Nine in Carmel, IN...a shop that does buy our marvelous products.  His business is going well and TootsUncommon is selling at his shop!  

Finally, we are not giving up the events scene all together.  It looks like September will take TootsUncommon back to the Burlington Fall Festival to sport our new Wooflers, MAC Raincoats, LIttle Pug Riding Hoods, our Coolio Chow and Water Bags and some fancy new Collares and Leashes!  We will then hit the road in early October for the Bremen Farmer's Market! 

So, did TootsUncommon reach any milestones this summer?  Not sure yet...As with all good things, the answer is worth the wait!  

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