Summertime...And the Livin' is Easy!

For the TootsUncommon Kitties anyway!  It is back-to-school time for the hu"mom" and Tootsie Roll is missing her momma!  Or maybe it should be the other way around.  Still, it is summertime so let's take a reminder from the kitties and remember to still enjoy the easy summertime livin'....although kitties live easy be it summertime, falltime, nighttime...you get my point!  Oh and of course we can't forget the classic song.  Here is a link to the many voices of this great tune:  http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/208142421.html

What?  There's life beyond the kitty kurler?!

Let me stretch before I snuggle in for another nap!

What, you were gone...didn't notice!

Where's my hu"mom"?!

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