Is That Alphabet Soup?

Why no it's not.  It's PUG Soup!  Okay, so I have not had time to start a manuscript or to do any further research on self publications!  I know!  But Tootsie and I have still been thinking of a title.  We know that as a manuscript for our children's book evolves, so will the title.  We are pretty sure that parents searching for a book for their kid(s) will not have their parental curiosities peaked by a book titled, "PUG Soup".  But, here is where the thought for the title comes from...our idea for the book is to teach kids their vowels...PaG...PeG...PiG...PoG...PUG!  Yeah, that's it!  We could even take it backwards with the LuB...LoB...LiB...LeB...LAB!  Alright!  We will think on this over the weekend!  Until then Pawncha Kitty says,

"Peace Out!"

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