Hmmm...I think I might write...

...a children's book!  It was Tootsie Roll's idea!  As if teaching, starting up a small fashionista dog clothes business, being a fashionista, taking walks, doing doga (yoga)...isn't enough to keep us busy!  Yeah, but it will be fun, an adventure, a learning experience!  Okay...let's do it!  So, we have the concept...not going to unleash it yet!  And we are really stuck on coming up with a title first...it's not coming to us....so of course we went to the web and started to research just how to start this process...some good links:


So we read here that you need to start with an illustrator and a manuscript...Well, this Pug isn't made of gold so we are going to start with the manuscript...but what exactly is a manuscript?  Glad you asked:


We also read about the CreateSpace...Hmmm....going to research this a bit more and we will get back with you!


Alright!  I guess it's time to start workin' on a manuscript!  Maybe we will have something to unveil tomorrow!!

Come On!  Time's a Tickin'!

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