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We have been working hard to keep up our routines of brushing and socializing here at TootsUncommon...it is something Tootsie Roll and I have a pretty good track record of doing!  And, let's face it...routine is healthy for our lives, it adds structure to a crazy world!  Here is some more on the importance of routine: 

But after all that routine you sometimes just have to stop and chill!  So we dedicate this week's last Pug Blog to...


Some of the basics we love best are a nice dinner followed by some couch and TV time!  We have been watching old episodes of the X Files lately!  

I guess our overall message this week could be summed up by the word "balance"....Is there a balance between brushing, socializing and basics in your life?  Tootsie Roll sure does enjoy the balance between those weekly routines in her Pug Life!  

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