Back to __________ Night!

This afternoon involved a visit to Pet Supplies Plus to buy a new brush for Tootsie Roll...Yes, yesterday's Pug Blog was our inspiration...but the real push was the mouthful of fur I got while making the bed.  Tootsie Roll and I hopped in the Jeep and made a road trip.  Tootsie Roll was focused on treats and random pieces of food under the displays, but I had my eye on the grooming isle!  Here is what we decided to get:

We tried it out when we got home and it worked like a charm.  The other brushes, combs I had were too hard on her skin and she tried to hide when I would brush her.  Not this time!  I was ready to be done and she was begging for more!  Maybe we will do our brushing more than one night a week!  Sorry, Dysons!  But don't worry...you will not be neglected!

And tonight we feature, "Back to Socializing Night!"  Puppies need to socialize early on to build confidence and so that they don't drive people crazy!  But humans sometimes forget to continue socializing their dogs.  There are lots of ways to socialize...going on walks, vet visits, dog training, company at the house....Of course, Tootsie Roll and Lucille prefer the Bark Park! A self-contained area with lots of dogs and lots of balls and stuff to chase!  

Socializing is stimulus and most dogs wait at home all day while the humans work hard for the money  - they need stimulus when we are home.  And you know what, so does the cat!  Pawncha needs human interaction time too cause there just aren't enough spiders and other crawly things in the basement to fill a twenty-four hour period of entertainment for that kitty!  No, it does not have to be continuous...but some sustained socializing, exercising, stimulating activity is a must everyday...for dogs, cats, and humans!   

Here are some good links that go into lots of great detail and give lots of good tips!  Enjoy...but not before socializing your dogs and cats! 

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