...Little Pug Riding Hood!  A TootsUncommon original made from repurposed fabrics!  Available soon at www.tootsuncommon.etsy.com

Little Pug Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a dear little fawn pug who was loved by every human who looked at her, but most of all by her hu"mom", and there was nothing that the hu"mom" would not have given to her sweet fawn pug. Once she gave her a little riding hood of pug velvet, which suited the pug so well that she would never wear anything else; so she was always called 'Little Pug Riding Hood.'  Bring your little one along on a  Brothers Grimm Tale as your pup is sure to enjoy the warm embrace of the Little Pug Riding Hood on a cool fall day!  Get them while it's hot, cause this Pug in the Hood won't last for long!!  

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