You Do The Math!

Because when Tootsie Roll and I do it...it just doesn't add up!  Look at these figures:

Median household income = $60,000
Average paid on mortgage in a year = $9,000
Average number of kids per family = 2
Average expense yearly per kid = $15,000 x 2 = 30,000
1 dog plus vet and food expenses = $500
1 cat plus vet and food expenses = $250
Average car payment for 2 cars = $6,000
Car insurance for those 2 cars for a year = $1,600
Health insurance for a year for 2 adults = $12,000
Average grocery costs for a year = $12,000

Yeah, that is what we get -$11,350

Okay, so we did a lot of searching and took the averages of all of the numbers we found in these categories....A lot about these numbers has to do with where a family is living...and these are averages.  Now, Tootsie Roll and I are not economists, but these numbers seem pretty true to us...So how do families do it.  If you take out the kids then you can make out ahead, but how many people make that choice.  And these numbers don't account for other stuff that makes life fun.  Hmm...



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