Tootsie Roll...

...gets a kitty in 2009!

Tootsie Roll in 2009

Hell Betty Kitty in 2009

Dogs VS. Cats...It is a close one.  There are 70 million pet dogs and 74 million pet cats in the USA!  I guess the cats win that one!  And yes, they do get along...but they see the world from different perspectives.  For example, dogs greet each other nose to butt; while cats greet face to face...hmm...I think the cats win that one too!  To show humans they like us dogs wag their tails or crouch with their chins and front paws on the ground...cats stick their tails in the air or flop on their sides - let's call this one a tie!  When they are happy to see us dogs lick our faces and cats purr!  Yet another tie!  Dog behavior is a pack mentality - they learn names quickly, are easy to train, mind owners on a walk, seek you out for comfort if afraid.  Cat are loners and therefore don't tend to learn their names - or at least admit to it, won't accept that a human is in charge so they don't go for walks and can't really be trained, and when afraid they hide away.  Again, I would call these behaviors a tie because at different times I prefer each of them!  Well, either way, dogs or cats...they are both amazing pets and we have two of each...two humans, two dogs, two cats...nice and symmetrical!  Just the way we all like it!  

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  1. And the way I like it too. 1 guy (me) surrounded by my 5 beautiful ladies:)