July, 11, 2008...

...the day Lil' Miss Tootsie Roll was born.  Tootsie will turn 5 this week....and man it seems like just yesterday we brought home a little ball of fawn fuzz from Bedford, IN!  So, we did some research on dog vs. human years.  The formula is 10.5 dog years per human years for the first two years, then four dog years per human year for each year after...  It is a misconception that one human year is equal to seven dog years because dogs reach adulthood within the first couple of years.  I am 47 which would make me 8.5 dog years old and it would make Tootsie Roll 201 human years old!  And if we calculate Tootsie's age for her Thursday birthday we get 33...and man did I LOVE my thirties!  She is one lucky dog!!  The life span of a dog depends on breed and size, but according to Cesar Millan dogs under 30 pounds live the longest - into their teens; while dogs over 100 lbs. are not just considered old, but geriatric by age six or seven...  

Here are some pics of Tootsie Roll the  baby pug in September 2008!

Chewing an old ham bone at the lake

The x-small life jacket is too big...no swimming this visit

Maggie & Tootsie

"Looks like an awful lot of water...hmm..."

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