When I Think of Bremen...

I think of lots of things... but three places come to mind!  Woodie's Supermarket, because I was cashier and produce girl at Woodie's for several years while still in school.  Wooden Peel Pizza Place, because we hung out there after football games and I still go back there every time I am in town...if I must confess, I have been there two times during this visit.  And Hoople's Bar, because I love beer!  

The Old...

And The New!
When I worked at Woodie's, Charlie and Ed were there and Henry A. was a carry out boy!  Pat was the produce man and I took care of produce when Pat wasn't around.  I loved facing the shelves - I have a closet case of OCD.  I loved getting a cream filled long john with chocolate icing and a carton of milk during my breaks...So, this is probably taking some of you back because this was the Woodie's before the new store.  When I close my eyes I can still see that place as if it were yesterday!  You can check out their website at this link....and it looks like Charlie and Ed are still a part of the team!!

We call it the Pooden Wheel!
I've been eating pizza for 40 some years!  And The Wooden Peel is the best...they keep it simple and they keep it good!  Kathy would not let me take a picture of her, but we all know that she is The Wooden Peel!  Thanks for all of the great pizza, Kathy!  And last night I had a frosty mug of beer with my pizza for $2.  
Inside the Peel!

The Iconic Wooden Peel Pizza Pig!

And last, but not least...Hoople's!  Who doesn't love drinking some beers at Hooples?!  I had some good times at Hoople's and even remember when girls could not sit at the bar!  Imagine!  Girls are a bar's best friend!  I found some interesting definitions of the word Hoople on "Urban Dictionary"...Now, I will share these, but please know they are not meant to be derogatory towards the Hooples establishment...just interesting:

1. A useless or self-serving organization. A wasteful business run by incompetents. A public sector organization with no useful purpose other than to generate paperwork, internal reports and provide incomes for its executives.

2. A noun; A derogatory term describing or referring to an unsophisticated person from a rural background or community. Sometimes disparaging : A white member of the Southern rural laboring class. A person who is an irresponsible or unscrupulous operator in business and pleasure.

3. comes from the book, "Mott The Hoople" in which the character is  lazy, preferring to work as little as possible, earning money on the side by running every scam going. He's also a gambler and not a very good one at that.

So little time and so much so say about Bremen!  Tomorrow we will feature some of Bremen's 
Beautiful Abodes...at least in our opinion.  Until then!  

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