Thursday's Pug Is...

...full of might!  

"Might" is commonly used to express possibility or to make polite suggestions and requests.  Might also equals power, force, or influence held by a person or a group; such as the Norse God of Thunder - Thor!  Thor's hall (or the realm in which he lives) is  in Bilskirnir, which is located in the region of Thrudheim, or place of Might!  (http://www.crystalinks.com/norsegods.html

 Now according to Monday's Child poem...Thursday's child has far to go...well Tootsie Roll wanted to used some "PUG"etic justice today and change it to might...But we did find a way to link it back to Thor, as Thursday is named after him.  
  • Thursday - Thor - God of Thunder. It is thought that far to go might refer to far off rumblings of the weather.
  • Thursday - Thrudheim - Place of Might, the region of Thor's hall called Bilskirnir.
"Might I have an order of fries with my beer?"

"I just might star in the soon to be released Flash Dance II"

"It's gonna take some might to get this big tongue back in my tiny mouth!"

"Might I be the next cop in The Village People!?"

"Oh, Wolf!  I might just roll over and let you sniff me!"

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