Monday's Pug Is...

...fair of face,
  • Monday - Moonday - fair of face, because the moon is thought of to have a face.
A Face Any Moon Would Be Proud To Call His/Her Own!!

"Of poems referring to all the days of the week, Monday's child is probably the oldest. It first appeared in 1838 in a book about the Traditions of Devonshire, by A. E. Bray. So the poem itself is likely much older. The author is unknown. It is part of a tradition similar to astrology that a person's fate can be determined by knowing upon which day of the week he or she was born."

You guessed it!  This week we will be "PUG"dapting the Monday's Child poem....  Of course with Pug Mugs and a few of the words changed to make it "a la pug"....  Enjoy!  

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