Friday's Pug Has....

...far to grow!  

"Tiny T"

Friday - Freyr - God of Growth in Norse mythology.

Thank God It's Freyrday!!

Minimum Pug Weight = 13 lbs.
Maximum Pug Weight = 25 lbs.

Minimum Pug Height = 12 ins.
Maximum Pug Heights = 14 ins.

Minimum Pug Length = 12 ins.
Maximum Pug Length = 14 ins.

Tootsie Roll is at, or under the minimums in all categories...therefore, Friday's Pug Has Room To Grow!  We took a lot of "PUG"etic justice today so here is the original poem for today:

"Friday's child is loving and giving,

  • Friday - Frida - Goddess of Love would be loving and giving."

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