...would probably be better than Batman and Superman teaming up...but here is the scoop:


Christian Bale in "Dark Knight Rises" and Henry Cavill in "Man of Steel"


We are picking Batpug...We really don't need to team up the two greatest super hero characters for Hollywood to make more money! Or for McDonald's or Taco Bell to sell more junk food!!  Batpug all the way!!

What we do need to do is pay attention to this story from NPR on Texas and a Bat Cave....No, you don't have a bat in your cave...but this Texas cave has tons of them and they want to build a huge subdivision way close to the entrance of this hugely populated bat cave!  Give me a break.  Read more at:  http://www.npr.org/2013/06/11/190736097/massive-bat-cave-stirs-texas-sized-debate-over-development

Millions of bats emerge from Bracken Cave, near San Antonio, in 2011. The cave is located in a rural area, but conservationists are worried that a planned housing development nearby will disturb the bat colony that lives here.

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