When Traci Met Pugs!

Oh what a glorious day!  The trip to Bedford, Indiana to check out some pugs turned in to a trip to Bedford, Indiana to bring a pug puppy home!  From that moment on I was hooked!

  In a tasteful way....at least in my opinion, I have incorporated pugs as decorations in our home wherever I can.  My truck has a pug cling on the window and pug magnets on the back.  The logo of TootsUncommon is a pug.  And, one night when we were out to eat the bartender asked me if I know about the local Pug Meetup group!  "No, please do tell!"  "Well, they meet the first Saturday of every month at Broad Ripple park."  I hurried through my dinner so we could get home because I had to get on the computer and find out about the Pug Meetup group!  

Tootsie Roll and I became members and RSVP'd for the next event!  It was also glorious!  Tootsie Roll was still a super little pug pup and she played like crazy!  And of course, everybody LOVED her!  And I loved watching all the pugs play and do their pug things! 

 Come to find out, the organizer of our Meetup group just lives down the street from me and Tootsie Roll.  At the time, she had two pugs.  After a couple years, one of her pugs passed.  And Tootsie Roll and I are so sad to say that over the weekend her second pug, Jill, also passed.  And needless to say, the current organizer is ready to pass on the torch.

  So, in honor of Jill the Pug, Tootsie Roll and I will be taking over as the organizers of our local Pug Meetup group.  So, this week we will educate you all on the concept...in case you are not in the know... on Meetup Groups!  To get you started, here is a link:  http://www.meetup.com/about/...and some quick facts:

13.89 million

2.62 million
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  1. Hi! Is the pug group still happening? It's on my "bucket list" this year to take my pug babes to the Broad Ripple Pug Day...but I'm not finding a thing about it online. I hope it's still going on! :-)