What did you think I would end the week with?  So, getting a good picture of your dog does not require the same techniques as getting a good picture of your kitty kat!  For one, focusing on the eyes is not as important...Get pictures of their unique pictures...like this one!

Pug Tail!

I wish I could take credit for the amazing pug tail pic...but it comes from this link:

Along with some other really good tips lik catching your dogs while sleeping or playing!!

Also consider the following,"Your goal should be to fill the entire picture with the dog.  In fact, try filling the entire picture with just the face of the dog.  Get as close as you can to the dog as your camera's focusing capabilities will allow"  Read more on this at: http://www.makethephoto.com/articles/how-to-take-amazing-photos-of-your-dog

Most importantly, ENJOY!  Like the hu"man" did when he took this cute picture of Lucille Ball and Tootsie Roll!

Oh yeah...Holding a treat up high certainly helps capture and keep their attention!  Just be sure they get to enjoy that treat after the pictures is taken!!  

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