A Memorial Day...

SWIM!  Memorial Day does truly mark the beginning of summer even though the calendar would not agree! So, what a better time for a swim!?  If you are headed to a lake, river, ocean or pool this Memorial Day weekend and are taking your four-legged friends with you (dogs that is because cats really don't want to mess with the water...at least with us watching)...then TootsUncommon would really recommend a life jacket for your dog(s).  All dogs, even the ones that are more naturally prone to swim, will benefit from a life jacket.    If you are out on a boat the life jacket has a nice strap/handle to help you lift the dog into the boat.  Most life jackets come in bright colors so the dog is easy to spot in the water.  The life jacket provides that extra support and security so that the dog can swim and the human can be more at ease....Oh, and did I mention that the dog will look really cute in the life jacket?!  Here are some links to some water safety tips for you and your dogs this Memorial Day weekend:




Please note the how life jacket is mentioned in all three of these links!!  Be Smart, Be Safe and Have Fun!!

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