The Legendary Tootsie & the Tramp....

A long time ago, in a far away land Tootsie Roll set off for a tramp...AKA...a long tiring walk!  She had been busy designing uncommonly unique pet attire and accessories for TootsUncommon all day in a quest to create a cuter continent one canine at a time and she needed some fresh air and exercise!  Her stride was quick and she passed up tree after tree, one blade of grass after another; there was no time to sniff - she needed to keep moving to get away from the long busy day!  Who knows how long into the tramp Tootsie Roll was when she realized that she was thirsty!  "Shake it off", she thought to herself and kept going!  Awhile later she felt a rumble in her tummy and stopped and turned around to see that she had gone so far in this tramp that even if she doubled back for home it would take her a good couple of hours...and she was thirsty...and hungry..."What's a pug to do?", she said in a trembling voice.  "Alright, Pug.  Turn around and get yourself back home...food and water await!"  As Tootsie Roll quickened her pace her mind began to think of how she would avoid this silly foodless and waterless situation in the future as she knew her busy fashionista life would have her destined for many tramps!  "That's it!  I will design a light-weight chow bag and collapsible water bowl!  Genius!  Pure Genius!"  And so the legend began.  Never again did Tootsie Roll set off for a tramp after a long days work with food and water that were always ready to go at a moments notice.  These uncommonly unique pet accessories forever become known as Tootsie & the Tramp!

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