Dear Tootsie....

Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin Le Bon

A pug! With a bib! Sitting at its own restaurant table! We've died and gone to doggy heaven. Yasmin Le Bon took her dog Luigi to the launch of the Dinner For Dogs Menu at George in London and after his delicious meal he even got to take home a doggy bag. Eek!

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Dear Tootsie,

     My mom, Yasmin Le Bon, a top fashion model since the 80's always looks like a million bucks!  Why in the world can't she see how frumpy she dresses me.  I mean really, a bib at a restaurant...pugs are way more sophisticated than that.  And would you look at this huge collar around my already huge neck...not to mention the puffy coat around my many pug rolls!  What is she thinking?!  Please, Tootsie, you have such a sense of fashion...can you find it in your heart to set me up with some TootsUncommon attire?!

                                                                                                Sincerely, Looser Luigi

Dear Looser Luigi,
     First, let me say that I don't think you are a looser, you are actually kind of cute...if you ditch the fashion less clothes your top model mom is putting on you!  Secondly, I agree!  What kind of pug wears a bib!  We may love to eat, be we do treasure every morsel!  But, let's face it...she did take you to a restaurant...in London...with a menu for dogs!  And, none of those other sorry pups in your pack got to come along!  Send me your hu"mom's" cell number and I will text her some TootsUncommon pics!  She will love them.  In the meantime, suck it up and enjoy the luxurious life you appear to be living!
                                                                                         Yours in Fashion, Tootsie

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