Dear Tootsie...

This week Tootsie Roll will take on the role of doggie psychologist as Dear Tootsie!  TootsUncommon will scour the current events in search of animals in need of counsel and Dear Tootsie will pull on her four dog years of life experience to help them through their trials and tribulations! 

Here is a little background on the original...Dear Abby:

"Who hasn't heard of Dear Abby in movies, television and print? The most widely syndicated newspaper columnist in the world, Abby commands a client list of about 1,400 newspapers worldwide, and a daily readership of more than 110 million people."

read more at: http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/bio.html

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com
Serial dater Taylor Swift proclaims true love to her one and only — her cute and cuddly cat, Meredith. The singer has made her loving pet among the most famous cats to-date. Complete with a personal Twitter account that lets fans get full insight to Meredith’s fun-loving life on the road with her superstar mom, this lucky kitty seems to have it made. When it comes to needing a shoulder to lean on, Swift is the lucky one. The Twitter-loving country star openly shares her gratitude for a friendship-like, unbreakable bond shared with her sweet feline sidekick.

Dear Tootsie,

My mom is in love with this thing called Twitter and she insists that I follow it with her.  Although I do love chasing a bird...I fail to see the fascination she has with this dead...motionless bird on her phone.  How do I tell her that I would really prefer a Tweeter?  

Dear Twitter Tweeter,

Show Taylor your true Swift feline prowess and swipe that paw across the screen, click delete, and run out the back door in chase of your Tweet!  

Yours in the chase...Tootsie Roll :)

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