Creating Inspiration...

-experience fuels creativity...yes, I lived life today!
-routines help spark creativity...yes, I maintained my exercise routine today!
-write ideas down as they come to you...yes, I am writing them down right now!

Ideas for the TootsUncommon Raincoat:

-The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plains...
-Slicky Slicker, Slick, Slicky, Slicker
-Rain, Rain Don't Go Way.  Mr. Sun can shine another day.  TootsUncommon wants to play!

Ideas for the TootsUncommon Collapsible Chow Bag & Water Bowl:

-Collapse UP (clap, clap) Collapse DOWN (clap, clap) The Collapsibles!
-Hike & Roll


For today, anyway!!

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