The Shop Local Craze!

On my way to school in the early am I listen to NPR.  A story this morning started out with a statement about how shop local typically refers to food items...And that got me thinking because I immediately disagreed with this statement.  So, I came home and started my research...I found a lot more than I had originally imagined!

-What does the term "shop/buy local" really mean?  

-What is the local impact of small businesses?

-Why buy locally owned?

-How can buying local cost more money?

But these facts still don't support the point on which I disagree...so I changed my approach and found did find that when people shop local it is for food.  

The question is not what products we buy locally; but what does buying locally mean?  For the small business that was featured in the NPR story this morning the what is wood and that wood comes directly from the community in which it is sold.  I guess this is as shop/buy local as it can get.  Here is a link to the story titled, "Wood From The Hood":

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