Spring Fever, It's Contagious!

Yes!  It is a sunny, all be it a windy and chilly day, in central Indiana!  And Tootsie Roll, Lucille and the humans just enjoyed a walk!  A walk is something we make a priority everyday, no matter what the season!  But, let's say you have been putting off those walks because of the winter weather.  Stop putting them off, put on your walking shoes, put a collar and leash on the dog(s) and hit the pavement - catch Spring Fever!  Here are some reason why walking your dog is so important:
     -it provides an energy outlet
     -it helps in training 
     -it fulfills the natural instinct to explore
     -it provides physical and mental stimulation & social interaction
     -it provides exposure to "worldly" things
     -it improves quality & length of life
Hmm...it looks like what's good for the dog is good for the human!  So, get outside, feel the sun on your face, smell the newness of Spring!  And please, send us some pics of your Spring Fever on a Walk!  Oh, and read more about the benefits of walking the dog at:         http://www.cincinnatidogpages.com/walingdog.html

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