Spring Cleaning!

Tootsie Roll, Lucille and the humans had a great afternoon at the local bark park!  Tootsie Roll even met a new pug buddy named Ton Ton!  

So now on to our next Spring thing to do...yes, Spring Cleaning!  Washing the dog that is!  What dog doesn't love a nice bath!  Okay, a lot of them don't really enjoy it while it is happening, but they do love that oh so clean feeling afterwards!  Which typically leads them to the true instinctual thing of rolling in something stinky!  

Is it common sense on how to wash a dog?  A long time dog owner would think so.  But just in case you are not, or you want to double check your technique this link has very extensive information:  http://www.wikihow.com/Wash-a-Dog

Here is a recipe link to make your own shampoo using soapwort and organic oils:

How often should you bathe your dog?  I like Cesar Millan's response, "The simple answer to this question of how often to bathe a dog is: how often do you want to bathe your dog? "

Personally, we like taking Tootsie Roll and Lucille to a self-wash.  It is fairly inexpensive, they provide the shampoo and towels and their drains get to deal with all that fur!  And, it is from going to the self-dog washes that TootsUncommon came up with the idea to use a chamois in the handmit of our Talk Dirty To Me Towels!  Maybe you should get you one before you saddle up for Spring Cleaning!!


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