Fast, Quick, Rapid, Swift, Speedy!

"In Trendy World Of Fast Fashion, Styles Aren't Made To Last".  You can listen to the entire story at:


Here are some of the hi-lites:

-Fast Fashion has redefined "bargain shopping"
-A $10 sweater is not even worth returning - a part of Fast Fashion's success
-A small mark-up is made up by selling oceans of clothing
-1950's shopping was done at department stores who purchased from     manufacturers
-Department stores then began designing for themselves, bringing clothes to market much faster
-Zara designs and markets fashion in a month
-Industry is now faster and fashion is on a year round calendar, not seasonal
-Cause use of cheap labor and cheap fabrics
-Wear it to party and then it falls apart
-Producing a single t-shirt takes 700 gallons of water

Tootsie Roll predicts that Fast Fashion will quickly "fall apart at the seams"!  At TootsUncommon we pride ourselves on using good fabrics so that our clients get a quality product that their dog can wear for the long haul.  We look for creative ways to reuse fabrics and gently worn clothing items.  We keep our inventory low so that it does not "go out of style" or become wasted!  And yes, we are still going to follow the old-fashioned seasonal styles - good things never die!  

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