Big Sur?

Tootsie Roll is still thinking about the beauty of nature and enjoying the things that surround us!  Maybe it has something to do with the beauty of our newly remodeled kitchen and the enjoyment it is bring all of us!  Who knows?!  

But another place known for its natural beauty is Big Sur!  A place TootsUncommon has never been, but certainly dreams of visiting one day.  Any place desolate sounds nice, and we know you probably won't sell too many dog clothes in a desolate place; so that's why we say, "a nice place to visit."  I mean, wouldn't you want to visit this place?

Now, if Tootsie Roll and TootsUncommon ever make it to Big Sur they will certainly become more associated with it than Jack Kerouac!  

Here is a link to the Jack Kerouac Big Sur movie:


And another to Jay Farrar's Big Sur song:


All quite lovely if Tootsie Roll and I do say so for ourselves!  Enjoy!!

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  1. Lucille and I are game. We'll take our new (future) camper and make a road trip. We will most certainly play the Big Sur album. Sounds awesome!