54th Street & The Monon Trail

Yep, that is where we spent some of our day...shopping and getting ready for Easter Sunday.  

54th Street & Monon Trail Market
Hmm...I'll have the open face pulled pork sandwich, sliced tomato plate and a slice of sugar creme pie, please!

After a delicious lunch the hu"mom" bought some potatoes!  She plans on slicing them real thin a coating them with olive oil and adding a little Spanish Smoked Seasoned Salt for some extra flavor and baking them in her new fancy GE Cafe oven!  Yum!

It's supposed to rain Easter Sunday in my hood, but if it doesn't we will have an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard and maybe even have a fire!

While finishing our lunch at the market the hu"mom" and I decided on the rest of the Sunday menu...we will be having a center cut bone-in ham (2" slice) slow cooked in ginger ale...Lucille and I will share the bone!  Cheddar-Sriracha Swirl Break and Devilishly Hot Deviled Eggs (recipes from The Sriracha Cookbook), Bean There, Done That Green Beans (recipe from the True Blood cookbook), and Pink Lemonade cupcakes with some of that new Cool Whip Frosting (from the Fresh Market)!  Yum and Happy Easter!

Be sure to check out the market on 54th Street, next to the Monon Trail the next time you are in Indy!  Tootsie Roll gives it a super curly pug tail rating!  

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