TootsUncommon Cares Too!!

During our destruction and construction kitchen project TootsUncommon did manage to get some work done on its Spring Fashion Line!  

Chow and Water Bowl Prototypes!

Small business owners know that networking is key.  And a few months back someone mentioned "Callie Cares Pet Food Pantry" to me and Tootsie Roll.  We tucked the idea away and it was brought back to our attention during de- and reconstruction one day when I was grabbing us all lunch at the local Penn Station.  While waiting for my sammies I picked up a copy of the "Broad Ripple Gazette" and on the front cover was a story about a Broad Ripple local who started a pet food pantry - only the third of its kind in Indianapolis.  Here is their link:  www.calliecaresinc.com

TootsUncommon and Callie Cares Pet Pantry seem to have some nice things in common - mostly that it was on a whim that each got their start.  Obviously Salvador Dali knew what he was doing in leaving that sketch/note pad by his bedside table when he went to sleep at night!  One never knows in to what a little spark of an idea might ignite!  

At the very least, Tootsie Roll and I would like to volunteer at the next Callie Cares event...but maybe we could even partner up and donate more than time...maybe some of these "families with urgent needs for their pets" that Callie Cares Pet Pantry supports would be able to take their pet foods home in a nifty TootsUncommon Chow Bag!  Tootsie Roll and I are at the very least going to email the group a link to this blog post to see where this whim leads!  Well, here goes nothing!  

Oh and here are the names of the other two Indianapolis based pet food pantries:  Friends of Indianapolis Dogs (www.fidoindy.org) and Foundation Against Companion-Animal Euthanasia (www.facespayneuter.org/outreach.html)

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