The M"AD" Pug!

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial: Fashionista Dad Plays Dress Up In ...

– If Doritos have the power to bring a man and his goat closer together, or the make us squeal over the Doritos eating Pug!!!  Why can't Dad be suckered in to play dress up by a bag of Doritos??  Isn!t that what a commercial is all about?  Making us believe the unbelievable so we buy a product in hopes that the " unbelievable" happens to us?!

Tootsie Roll did enjoy the FASHIONISTA focus of the Dad vs Doritos ad, and this week we will explore the role of animals in commercials and we hope to end the week with the TootsUncommon commercial that did not make the 2013 Super Bowl cut... We simply did not have $4 million to spend!!

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