Fashion Week 2012: Tried-and-True Approaches

Designers are also returning to some tried-and-true approaches: "What I'm seeing is a return to people's signature strengths," Singer explains. "I think designers now, because of all the insecurity both in the industry itself — with hirings and firings and all the kind of nonsense that's going on within fashion and within the economy generally — I'm seeing designers deciding to sort of batten down the hatches and do the thing that they do best."


And why not stay "Tried-and-True" to what dogs really need, that survival instinct...food and water?!  So, the last items on our TootsUncommon Spring and Summer Fashion Lines are water proof, hike proof, camp proof, walk proof, back yard proof, bark park proof...water and food bowls!  Oh Yeah!  Of course in a array of FashPUGnista colors and sizes!  Check back luego for more detalles!  

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