Fashion Week 2012: Extravagant Fabrics

"Designers are also returning to some tried-and-true approaches...But there's no lack of new ideas; Singer has noticed that many designers are incorporating extravagant fabrics into their collections. The use of "evening fabrics and decorative fabrics for day," is a recurring theme, she observes. "Brocade for day. Brocade and a jean. Brocade and a little jacket you'll wear to work. Velvet. Embroidered satin. Fabrics that are expensive, exotic and a pleasure to wear."


At TootsUncommon we are going to do one better than brocade, velvet, or even embroidered satin.  Tootsie Roll can't imagine why the designers did not consider feed sacks!  We are certain that our Costa Del Sol Dress for Teacup Pups will be an overnight sensation!  Here is a great link with an historical perspective on the good ole' feed sack:


Can you imagine how heads will turn when a spunky little Chihuahua or a feisty little Yorkie is walkin' down the street in one of these numbers?!

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