ETSY Entrepreneurs

My father-in-law has been helping with destruction and reconstruction this week and happen to bring an article from his Sunday, February 17, 2013 newspaper on Etsy!  Here is a quote from the article:

"Starting your own business used to be an investment only the wealthy - or those who borrowed  from the wealthy - could take on.  A storefront, utilities, employees, advertising:  Even the most basic venture was often an expensive risk.  Today, here's the list of what it takes to start a business:  1. Internet access....This is where Etsy comes in."  

To do list:
     -Set your goal
     -find your niche
     -Keep track
     -Price accordingly
     -Don't invest too much right away
     -Advertise for free
     -Listen to your customers
     -Take breaks

Read more at:  www.jconline.com

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