You've Got The Look!

TootsUncommon does that is!  Tootsie Roll and I had the day off of school yesterday and of course, we spent it working on TootsUncommon stuff!  We did a winter photo shoot of our new Tut The Turtle...this should be up and available on our website and Etsy store later this afternoon!  

We also worked on taxes...yuk!  We love the small business and fashion world, but are not so great at the numbers game.  Our goal for the 2013 tax season is to keep better track of EVERYTHING!  Sales...inventory...expenses...investments...don't just chance it to good memory because after awhile it will fail you!

We also worked on tagging and pricing items for our newly improved display at the Canine Cloud Nine in Carmel, Indiana.  The have great pet foods, home made chicken pet jerky, pet grooming, self-wash tubs for the pups, and of course...TootsUncommon attire and accessories.  We will end today with a pic to peak your curiosity!  


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