You TU Can Make A Difference!

Tut The Turtle

From our "Not Your Mummy's Vintage Rags" Egyptian Colors Line!
Yes!  We will make an amazing Tut The Turtle from a knit, velour, chenille sweater from your past that just doesn't "fit" your style anymore!  What an amazing way to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  But this got me and Tootsie Roll to start thinkin'!  What kind of global difference does this make.  How much of a difference?  Well, let's explore the personal differences first! Let's say there is that amazing sweater from your 20s...or in my case, mid 40s that you just could never part with...it is still taking up space in your sweater drawer - why not let your dog wear it so you can reflect back on the memories while keeping your pooch warm!?  Or a sweater that just doesn't fit your style - dogs look fab no matter what they are wearing - why not let your furry friend reuse that retro rag?! To me and Tootsie Roll this makes a difference.  Something you were not using is now being used by your four-legged friend to make an amazing fashion statement!  Oh Yeah!  We will take a more globally minded look at the reduce, reuse, recycle questions tomorrow!  Later! 

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