You TU Can Make A Difference II

“There’s no one answer, but there’s a methodology about not wasting things,” he said. “This is the kind of thinking that needs to be taught in our business and design schools.” 

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Well, how avant garde is TootsUncommon...well, not very.  We all know how important it is to not waste stuff...it is a lesson Tootsie Roll's hu"mom" needs to take to heart more often because....well, I am too hasty to throw things away!  What is my deal!?  

'Repurposing' is close to the heart of many creative people. This means taking an item and giving it a new or different purpose. With clothes this means that instead of throwing an item away because it is worn, out of fashion or simply out of favor, they are turned into something desirable and useful. Almost any type of clothing can be repurposed. The fabric content alone means that clothing can be resewn or used to make quilts or for patchwork projects. However, with a little creativity, clothes can be transformed into practical items or stunning works of art ....Like the Tut The Turtle!

"It's Chilly...but my Tut The Turtle Keeps Me Toasty Warm!"

So, what difference can you make by recycling/reusing clothing items you would prefer to just say, "Adios, how did I ever think I looked good in you!" you can read more at :  http://earth911.com/recycling/household/clothing-and-textile/facts-about-clothes/

And let's say you are not fortunate enough to have an amazing pug dog like Tootsie Roll who loves to wear your repurposed sweaters?!  Well then you could do other things with that hideous sweater you just had to have, or those pants you thought made you look thinner....I know, I've done it too!  But not Tootsie Roll, she is a true FASHIONISTA!  

Here is a link to 10 ways to use an old T-shirt:

Or 7 reuse ideas for old jeans!

Have fun makin' a difference!  And whatever you do, stay sexy my friends!

Peace and Love,
     Tootsie Roll!!

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