What? What? What?

 January 14, 2013 marked the 4th annual National Dress Up Your Pet Day?!  Well, TootsUncommon has a confession...we did NOT know about this day and we really feel like we missed an incredible marketing opportunity!  And if you remember, last week's blogs focused on that very topic!  So this week will be all about to educating ourselves on other national days dedicated to our pets!

Here is a little more information on National Dress Up Your Pet Day:  This amazing day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige.  

     Colleen Paige is one of America's premier pet lifestyle experts. As the founder of National Dog Day, a domestic and wildlife animal behaviorist, pet friendly interior designer, fine art pet photographer and Editor-in-Chief of Pet Home Magazine, she offers advice to clients and readers alike, ranging from dog and cat training, to pet nutrition, pet friendly homes and gardens, pet safe pools and pet safety for kids.  

The dress up day is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Network as a fun way to celebrate our beloved pets and to support the pet fashion community.

Here is a list of holidays sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation.  Which ones will you celebrate?  And which ones will TootsUncommon embrace?  Tootsie Roll and I are going to think on that one tonight and also research other national and possibly international events related to our beloved pets!  Check back tomorrow!  


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