Trends for 2013!

If you read yesterday's blog you have an idea of what to expect for the upcoming Spring Fashion Season...Let's look even further ahead to...yes we will go there...the Fall/Winter Fashion Season...that is next Fall/Winter you know!  Tootsie Roll really likes this prediction a trend that combines the keen sense of adventure of iconic explorers with a renewed fascination for the great outdoors.   A quirky "folk" style with also be trending and styles that comment on social change...hmm...

Tootsie Roll isn't sure...but some of the Fall/Winter Fashion Trends seem a little "out there".  Tootsie Roll's fashion wheels are a turning and she likes the Spring Trend of the belted floral dresses....it has a lot of potential for a dog attire item!  And of course the idea of the outdoors and adventure....maybe this will open the door to something a little more masculine for our TootsUncommon male dog shoppers!  

Well, as we head into the weekend Tootsie Roll plans to do her Saturday and Sunday morning long walks to get in her exercise.  She might share a little p.corn with her hu"mom" if there is time to continue the "Dexter" marathon we have been on. And she will of course be wearing something cute no matter which activity she is enjoying!  

Not sure what next week will bring...but it is bound to involve Tootsie Roll, TootsUncommon, and our adventures!  Until then!

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