Trends for 2013

As a fashionista, Tootsie Roll is always following the trends and picking and choosing just what works best for her Pugness!  

She is quite sorry that the Fightin' Irish were not able to keep the undefeated trend going.....Oh well, better luck next time. 

As the week continues here at TootsUncommon Tootsie Roll wants to bring all of her pug blog fans the best of luck in 2013 by filling you all in on the latest trends in all kinds of areas - fitness, food and fashion! 

So, let's start out with fitness...Most of us think of pugs and we think fat!  That is not the case for Tootsie Roll!  She works hard at keeping her petite pug figure for all of her TootsUncommon photo shoots!  

Now for Tootsie and fitness a nice neighborhood walk or a stroll in the bark park fits the bill...but what about the humans.  Well, you will be glad to know that the fitness trend is more on being fit for fitness sake and not on weight loss.  Also, a lot of the tried and true will continue to trend with just a few twists to them.  

Here is a link to learn more: 


Okay!  Now that you know the fitness trends, Tootsie Roll challenges you to pick you and give it your all.  Buena Suerte!  

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