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Yeah!  Tootsie Roll is so excited for everyone to meet a fellow pug who also loves to wear clothes!  And yes, Ginger"Pug" does have a TootsUncommon apparel item - she proudly wears the Firecracker!  But, as Halloween approaches she is showing off her Ginger the Good Pug Hat!  Thanks for the support, Ginger"Pug"!!  And Happy "Pug" or Treating - hopefully you get lots of treats!!

Ginger"Pug", Tootsie Roll dedicates this poem to you!

-Ode to a Pet

A companion, a pal,
A very best friend.
Someone to trust,
To love 'til the end.
Someone to trust,
When feeling blue.
Always a smile,
T'always greet you.
Always a smile,
To dry up your tears.
A person to be there,
To quiet your fears.
A person to be there,
When lonely or sad.
Loving regardless,
If hating or mad.
Loving regardless,
If caring or cruel.
No matter what,
Genius or fool.
No matter what,
They stand by you.
Who is this person,
Have you a clue?
Who is this person?
I'll tell you who.
This is your pet,
That loves through 'n through.

Author Unknown
There are a few Gingers in the extended TootsUncommon Family - a great dog name for sure!

Ginger "Stanifer"

In Memory of Ginger "Rodgers"

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