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Every Dog Should Have His Own Cat! 

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Use today's blog title as your google search words to see some super cute pics of dogs and cats together as best buds! As summer is warming up, Tootsie Roll's kitty - Pawncha - is getting practice on going outdoors! She chases Tootsie out the backdoor and they do a running loop around the backyard. Then, if Betty Kitty is around, she and Pawncha will romp around the hostas! Finally, Pawncha will attempt to climb a tree as Tootsie and Betty watch her spiral down to the ground! Yes, you guessed it, Pawncha has no front claws! I am sure Tootsie Roll and Betty are snickering amongst themselves! Good Times!

Well, summer is not warming up...but winter is chilling down!  But livin' in Indiana Tootsie Roll and I are all to familiar with the saying, "Chile Today, Hot Tamale!"  That's Indiana for you!  and here are some pics to take you back to 
June 8, 2012:

That Pawncha Cat is Whack!

Hot Summer!  Yeah, give me more!

Hosta Tootsie!
Ha! Ha!  Catch me if you can!

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