Marketing 101

So why not "Dogs in the Hood" instead of "Capucha Uncommon"?  The thought did cross my mind.  For one, does anyone know what a "Capucha" is without reading the description and looking at the product?  Maybe not....but that is the fun of it.  I love my "hood" as much as the next person, but I also know that humans who like to dress their pets up in clothes are a little "whimsical" and "Capucha Uncommon" fits that bill better.  Plus, you have to remember that I am a Spanish teacher by day and a Fashionista by night.  Tootsie Roll on the other hand is a full time Fashionista...of course!  

And yes, the timeline is not historically accurate in my description of the "Tut The Turtle"...I am willing to admit that.

And you know our brand name is a play on words...TootsUncommon from...well, what do you think...?  Read back to some of our previous posts if it don't know the connection!  

I did not study marketing in college or small business.  What I do know is that the product names and descriptions are tons of fun for me and Tootsie Roll!  It is a Unique bond for us!  It is a creative outlet for me!  When I set up a TootsUncommon display at a festival I love telling people the names of our products and really enjoy the reactions on their faces when they take the time to read the descriptions!  And who knows, maybe just the right person will read one at our website or Etsy store...and the rest would be history!  What else do we need right now?

If we someday go big I will just have to in-service the folks  selling TootsUncommon Attire and Accessories on the TootsUncommon lingo!  They'll get it! 

And hopefully so will you...Get what you ask??  Hmm...the creativity bug - with or without creative juice - some TootsUncommon Attire and/or accessory, a PUG...or any kind of amazing pet, the Fashionista bug....pretty much whatever you are looking for, TootsUncommon wishes you luck in getting it.  

Check back next week and we will do our best to impress!  Have a pugful weekend!  

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