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The TootsUncommon Blog is about a pug's love of fashion and various tales along the way.  This week will focus on those various tales along the way related to running a small online pet attire and accessories business.  

TootsUncommon will soon be launching some new products!  Fun for Tootsie Roll because it means we will soon have some model photo shoots!  Fun for the hum"mom" president because she has been busy thinking of product names and product descriptions...So, what goes into creating a product name and description?  For TootsUncommon - a very small business - not a lot of money is the first answer.  Instead, it is the hu"mom's" creativity that has to get flowing!  Oh, and we love bein' creative!  

Now the current LLC name, product names, product descriptions all came from a little thought, some asking around, and a little of the red creative juice otherwise known as vino!  Way back when our Pug Blog started we gave a shout-out the the hu"man" who suggested the LLC name of TootsUncommon!  Thanks, hu"man"!  

As we get ready to launch some new products we thought it would be a good idea to add to the list of strategies a little bit of research on the topic...Who would have thought?!  Well did you know that, "Sin Blush, Riptide Rush Gatorade, ionic antiperspirant…how about Orgasm Blush? Well – apparently the latter sells even better than Sin – which is a best seller. When names focus on emotions – the products sell better than if the names are functional.
The study looked at 4 types of names: common (i.e., dark blue), common descriptive (i.e., cherry red), unexpected descriptive (Coke red), and ambiguous (antique red). What they found is that students liked the ambiguous color names better when they saw the name before the color and preferred the unexpected descriptive ones if they saw the color first."  This information came from: http://www.emergencemarketing.com/2005/09/13/the-importance-of-product-names-on-consumer-choice/

Tootsie Roll and I also found this helpful, "Product names that are considered generally sound have several qualities in common.
  • They strategically distinguish the product from its competitors by conveying its unique positioning
  • They hold appeal for the product’s target audience
  • They imply the brand’s benefit
  • They are available for legal protection.
  • They allow companies to bond with their customers to create loyalty.
  • They have a symbolic association that fortifies the image of a company or a product to the consumers.
  • They help motivate customers to buy the product.
  • They can buy a product image and name."
We particularly like the idea of fortifying the image of a company...Who doesn't love to hug a pug!?

Read more on product names at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_naming

And how about the product description.  If you have been a fan of our Pug Posts you know that we like to use the J. Peterman Model....Now here is one suggestion we also like from our current research...except for the quantity of words...remember we are small..."First and most important, write for the users (appealing, provocative language) but try to write at least 250 words for your product descriptions, to feed the search engine bots too"

Read more: Ecommerce SEO – 10 SEO Tips to Optimize Product Descriptions 

Now that we are all more educated on product names and descriptions we will let our Pug Blog readers decide of our new names and descriptions fit the bill!  Check back tomorrow to chime in!  

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