International Hug A Pug Day!

Okay, so Tootsie Roll and I just created the International Hug A Pug Day...and it happens to be TODAY!  Why not?  Tootsie Roll made the Pug Notes Winter 2013 Newsletter!  Here is a link to check it out:

Alright, so we did some research on other international and national pet days and found some good stuff.  We liked the information at this site the best, although it does not list the January 14 National Dress Up Your Pet Day!  What's up with that?  

Here are the special days the site lists for the month of February:


All month: 
     National Prevent a Litter Month (HSUS)
     Pet Dental Health Month (AVMA)
     Responsible Pet Owners Month

February 7th - 14th: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week
February 14th: Pet Theft Awareness Day (Last Chance for Animals)
February 20th: Love Your Pet Day
February 22nd: Spay Day (Doris Day Animal Foundation)
February 23rd: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

I think TootsUncommon will create something extra special for the February 20th and 23rd days!  I mean who wouldn't love a Firecracker with swirling pink and red hearts?  Or some amazing sugar cookie bones?  Peace out...Tootsie Roll and I have to get to work!  

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  1. hi tootsie roll!
    oh thank you so much for the sweet mention on your awesome bloggie today!

    we love your etsy store too!

    melissa & archie