Gold VS. Crimson

Animals that is!  With the big college game tonight TootsUncommon thought it would be fun to look at some Gold and Crimson colored animals to represent the two teams playin' in tonight's big game...ND VS. ALABAMA.  Tootsie Roll really does not have a preference...she prefers the NFL!  But anyway...here are some Gold and Crimson animals and some links to view more.  May the best color win!!  Oh, and Tootsie Roll picked that spiders because they happen to be a favorite of the hu"mom's" twisted sister!!  Enjoy!!

Golden Jumping Spiders

(images via: Johnbird30 and BugGuide)
Jumping spiders are hunters and ambush predators rather than web-weavers so one would think having a gleaming, metallic exoskeleton would not be in their best interest. Possibly these spiders’ golden appearance is something only human eyes – and not those of its prey – can appreciate.
More Golden "Animals" at: http://webecoist.momtastic.com/2010/08/17/animal-metallicism-10-amazing-golden-creatures/

Red Spiders

(images via: BugGuide, SouthernBelladonna and Belmont16Footers)
There aren’t all that many red spiders, possibly because they are for the most part ambush predators who need to remain unseen until it’s to late for their prey to escape. Even so, red spiders exist and their devilish hue makes them look, if anything, even more creepy.

(images via: Surebaby and Luns_Spluctrum)
Though only part of it is red, the infamous Black Widow Spider warns us of its potentially fatal bite by showing off the eerie red hourglass marking on its back. It shares this trait with the equally fearsome Redback and Funnel Web spiders of Australia, which is nice… until one gets bitten.  More Crimson "Animals at: http://webecoist.momtastic.com/2010/04/27/well-red-10-amazing-red-animals/

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