Food Trends for 2013

Tootsie Roll hopes you found a new fitness trend to take you through 2013...but with any good fitness routine there is balance.  

So, what's to eat this  year?  Well, the popular snack food is popcorn - which is okay by TootsUncommon...as long as it does not come from a microwave - gross!  

It sounds like vegetables will make their way onto more than your salad plate - yum!  Tootsie Roll loves tomatoes!  Yeah, she knows they are "officially" a fruit.  

And speaking of fruits, well they will be flavored with savory - not sweet - flavors!  Kind of like the chili powder Mexicans like to put on their fruits and candies!  

Curious about what else is in store, read more at: 

Check back tomorrow for FASHION TRENDS!  Tootsie Roll's favorite topic!  

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