Fashion Trends for 2013

Maybe Tootsie Roll is a self-proclaimed Fashionista to us humans...but in the canine world she is closely watched!  What keen canine does not know that dogs do wear more than just the fur coat they were born with!?  

But what will the humans be wearing in 2013...cause Tootsie Roll sure does not want to see them walkin' around in their "birthday suits"!  

Our research brought up a nice quote from this site:


" the reality is that a large part of how our style evolves each year has to do with the clothing, hair, beauty and accessory trends sweeping fashion, sweeping the runways or the magazine pages or the streets. Not because we have to follow them, but because they inspire us."

Tootsie Roll wants you to keep in mind that the fashion trends of 2013 will be seen in the Spring Fashion Lines...so with that in mind here is what the link above is forecasting:

-Belted floral dresses
-Collarless blouses
-Slash neck tees
-Boucle suiting
...all in more earthy, natural colors!

Hmmm...what spin might TootsUncommon put on these trends.  We will share some insight tomorrow along with the Winter Fashion Trends!  

Stay Sexy My Friends!!

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