Does The Fur Make The Pet??

As TootsUncommon continues its look at National and International Pet Days we turn to the question, "Does the fur make the pet?"  According to this article from Discovery News it does..."Hairy or furry skin is hard-wired for petting and stroking sensations, creating intense pleasure when touched this way, a study finds.
The research, published in the latest issue of the journal Nature, helps to explain why pets love to be petted, and possibly why human body pleasure zones tend to be where multiple hair follicles exist."  HMM!
Tootsie Roll, Lucille Ball, Hell Betty and Pawncha Kitty are anything but hairless.  Actually, the hu"mom" should really buy stock in Swiffer because she uses them everyday.  For that matter, the Dyson Animal comes out everyday as well!  If they did not make their daily appearances we would be up to our eyeballs in fur!  But what about the hairless pets??  Yes, they do have their own day!  

Be Bald and Free Day

Loving hairless cats and dogs!

Be Bald and Free Day
We refer to dogs and cats as our furry friends, but not all dogs and cats have a coat of fur. In honor of Wellcat.com’s Be Bald and Free Day on October 14 - a fun holiday for people to celebrate their baldness - we thought we'd pay tribute to bald cats and dogs. We think they deserve their day too. After all, does the fur make the pet? Or is it the dog or cat within that we really love so much?  DUH!

I have to admit that the Sphynx hairless cat and the Peruvian and Mexican hairless dogs are very interesting to me...The hu"mom" could trade in her Swiffers and Dyson Animals for stock in sunscreen!  I don't think so!  But they are rather stunning!  
Peruvian Hairless
Mexican Hairless

Not sure where all of this will end up with tomorrow's blog, but it is sure to be HAIR-RAISING!!

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